'Chronicles of the Bakewell Witches'

Bakewell, 1606, and two local women are accused of witchcraft.  


Constable George Micklethwaite is in Bakewell intent on finding out the truth of reports made by a man who had been lodging in the town and swore he had been the victim of sorcery. 


Determined to do his duty by God and the Derby Magistrates, George seeks out the two accused - Anne Stafford and Sarah Marsden - to find evidence of their bond with Satan.  In the course of his work, he also has to interview his own niece, Margaret, afraid that the devil’s work may be closer to home than he had anticipated.


What he hears is both perplexing and alarming, as the women give their testimony, leaving behind a trail of betrayal and deception. 


This is a world where the truth cannot be heard and the innocent are often condemned.


To hear the story in Bakewell, the walk begins in the graveyard at All Saints Church, then the Old House Museum, before going to Bath Gardens in the centre of Bakewell. It finishes at Riverside Gardens near the bridge over the River Wye. Extra chapters, including an Epilogue and the background story are also available in the app.


The story can also be experienced without going to Bakewell, as the story app can be downloaded and listened to from anywhere with a WiFi connection.

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