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Creative UK Backs GeoStories

GeoStories use GPS location technology to create a powerful experience, telling compelling stories through drama, enhanced by rich visual content and AR, all accessible to the user via an app.

Stories are based in a particular location, and draw on the history, heritage and legends of those places. They unfold through strong character-driven storylines, enhanced by video clips, animations and graphics. To enrich the story experience, people can visit the location and hear it in the place where it is based, with chapters playing automatically, triggered by GPS points. Alternatively the stories can be experienced remotely.

Diva are developing the GeoStory project in collaboration with fellow Yorkshire-based creative company, Vanitas Arts, who bring their expertise in the craft of bold digital storytelling, developing drama, and creative audioscape design to the work.

The first GeoStory is based in Whitby. It reimagines the strange events and dark stories that inspired Bram Stoker to write his famous Gothic novel Dracula. It will be available to download from the App Store at the end of October.

“We’re delighted to have the support of Creative UK for GeoStories – we are creating powerful story experiences for people and the project has great growth potential as a commercial product. It’s very encouraging to know that this is also recognised by Creative UK


Chris Filip, Programme Manager, Creative Enterprise at Creative UK said: “The potential of the GeoStory project for innovative place-making and digital storytelling is very exciting. The team at Diva Creative are committed to creating compelling content that offers users a rich and immersive experience, and we are delighted to support their work.”

“GeoStories bring a place to life, creating fantastic experiences that will help to attract and retain visitors which would be particularly relevant to the tourism and visitor industry as it builds back after the pandemic. We are in talks with a number of visitor attractions and heritage sites to build stories for their visitors. Our technology is not restricted to buildings, it will work in rural and coastal locations as well as urban environments.”

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