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GeoStories Photoshoot Day in Eyam, Derbyshire - Lockdown Stories

Updated: Mar 30

Recently we had the pleasure of taking our GeoStories team to the beautiful village of Eyam in the Peak District, Derbyshire.  We held a photoshoot day in preparation for the launch on 23rd March of our two new GeoStories, The Great Mortality and A Love Apart, both based in Eyam, Derbyshire The photographs were taken on location, bringing to life scenes from the audio drama episodes. These photographs will be displayed in an exhibition which opens on 23 March 2024 in celebration of the launch of the stories. It’s free for all to visit both during and after the launch.


We were welcomed by Eyam’s St Lawrence’s Church, and it was a moving moment to see our Emmott look up from the North Aisle of the church to the Emmott that is portrayed within the stained glass window there.


Leaving the church, we were able to use the churchyard as a key location. We introduced the actors to where we imagined the characters, siblings Grace and Marshall Howe had toiled in the most difficult of circumstances.


Thankfully for us one of the most challenging circumstances in Eyam that day was how to carry 8 cups of tea on location.  Eyam Tea rooms came to the rescue and kindly let us borrow a tray and we enjoyed our break and hot drinks before setting off once again.


We took on great advice and recreated a Delph setting up near Water Lane in Eyam and caused quite a stir when we crossed paths with a walking group. We paused for a moment to share why some of us looked like we had time travelled from 1665 with Emmott and Emmott’s Mother looking on at Ma Shaw telling whoever would listen what she’d heard and seen!


Deeper down by the stream our young lovers Emmott Sydall and Rowland Torre met secretly together across the stream so we could get the shot we were looking for to help tell this story.


Eyam is a source of history in abundance and has been well preserved and looked after, and so we were able to use one of the many troughs as a location shot in the village, although we left it to the newts to enjoy the water!


Through our 'Love In A Pandemic' Project, we have encouraged contributions from the public to share their own stories of Lockdown Love from the recent pandemic of 2020.


As we walked together towards our partners over at Eyam Museum, past the cottages of those who had lived and died in the pandemic of 1665 and the local people who live and work there now, we were greeted by a group of young men on a school trip who were amazed at the sight of time traveller Rowland in their midsts. One of the young men immaculately dressed in his Shalwar Kameez shared how he liked Rowland’s outfit, a great moment in the day. It gave us a sense of pride and purpose as to why we were drawn to tell these stories today.  


We ended our time in Eyam having a lovely lunch at the Miners Arms where one of our actors was very happy to eat his lunch still wearing Rowland’s costume which caused a few heads to turn!


We’re looking forward to returning to Eyam for the launch on Saturday 23rd March 2pm – 4pm. We are hosting a public launch at Eyam Church Centre to share all the stories.  We will be sharing live extracts from our two new GeoStories, as well as the recordings of the contributions and will have a display of the Lockdown Stories written by our 15 contributors in Eyam Church.  


We will also have live cello music, tea and cake - All are welcome to this special launch event, and you may even get the chance to meet Ma Shaw, (Sylvia Causer) and her companion Mary the herbalist! (Sheila Wetton). Thank You to both artists and also to Gill Alderson (costume artist)


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15 de mar.

What a lovely project, I wish I could be there for the launch, and hope it all goes well.

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