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GeoStories Plague Dr seen in London!

Updated: Apr 12


The great thing about GeoStories is that you can take it with you wherever you are.


Whilst on a trip to London last week I found myself listening to the content outside Big Ben and paused for a while amongst the busy traffic of people.


Tucked in a corner of the busy street amongst all the tourist and workers, I took my mobile phone out and scrolled to our new story based in Eyam, The Great Mortality and pressed on the Augmented Reality button to conjure up the image of a Plague Dr from 1665 right in the heart of London and the pesky rat!


Plague Dr’s were known to wear a protective mask.  With Augmented Reality we are able to share with you this important role within the story of what villages, towns and cities had to face with the plague. Many Plague Drs were known to have filled their masks with herbs and spices, which we imagine would have staved off the awful smells people were having to injure.  When we think back at our own mask wearing days in 2020, it really brings the two pandemics closer together in a collective lived understanding and experiences that span 400 years.


The creation of our Lockdown Stories series is the mark of significant moments in time, and to tell the story of love for family, friends and lovers in the most terrible of circumstances, both in 1665 and in 2020 with the modern stories shared as part of the Love In A Pandemic by our contributors.


You can listen and experience all the Lockdown stories for free on the GeoStories App and the Love In A Pandemic exhibition has been enjoyed this month.


For the braver of our story lovers, we also have an Augmented Reality Rat! Eyam Museum in what was known as the plague village has a great logo of a Rat and we wanted to acknowledge the detail in the story of how the plague came to be in Eyam.  The unfortunate circumstances of a damp piece of cloth was wrapped and sent from London to Eyam and dried out over the Tailor’s assistant George Viccars fire. The fleas from rats were in the cloth and bit poor George, which is why he became the first victim of the plague in Eyam.  George lived and died directly across from one of our main characters in the story A Love A Part Emmott Sydall and you can listen to how these circumstances impacted on her and her families lives. You may want to get the tissues out for that one, but it’s fair to say that within this story there is also a joyful theme to the enduring power of love and being loved.


Wherever you happen to be in the world you can experienceall our stories on GeoStories , please download the App and find our magical Augmented Reality of the Plague Dr and Rat and take a picture and send to us! We’d love to see where the Plague Dr and Rat ends up next!


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We looking forward to hearing from you soon!







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