• Heather Niven

Jamaica January

My parents worked tirelessly in England for over 30 years until they retired back home to Jamaica. Born and raised in London I then moved to the North of England and now call Yorkshire home. There are surprising similarities between the two landscapes and people but that’s another story...

The word ‘home’ means so much to so many, especially those who have ever missed home, lost their home or are returning home. As a writer and director for GeoStories, we produce GPS stories for audio dramas. We take our use of words seriously. We understand that words can evoke feelings, place and characters and, if written well, can stay with you for years to come. The last two years of the Covid crisis has provoked change and rethinking of the world of work and our responsibilities. This month I’ve been working from home in Jamaica with my colleagues online throughout my time here. It means working across timezones and setting early alarms but trust me, my Dad’s beautiful garden, mesmerising sunsets and my parents conversations and laughter makes it all worthwhile. When I return, I’ll be bringing back a head and heart filled with the sights, sounds and inspirations this journey has offered. No doubt this special experience will help enrich our future story worlds that GeoStories and Vanitas Arts create. I’ll be returning back to our studios in Sheffield soon, full of the joys of working from home this month - and very glad I did.

Amanda Huxtable : Director GeoStories

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