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Love in a Pandemic

Our GeoStories focus for the last few weeks has been around the historic village of Eyam, pronounced 'Eem', in Derbyshire. The village is known for its association with the Plague of 1665, when infected material from London was delivered to a local tailor who became ill shortly after and subsequently died.

The infection spread rapidly throughout the village , reaching a peak when 78 people died in the month of August and ultimately claiming 260 lives out of a population of around 800. During that time, villagers agreed to accept a strict quarantine to prevent the spread of the disease beyond the village boundary and so began their own fourteen month lockdown.

We experienced the effects of a recent pandemic during COVID when we collectively endured a lockdown and the devastating effect of the pandemic on our lives and those close to us.

Our GeoStories Lockdown Stories connect the lockdown in Eyam with our recent experiences. We have reimagined the lives of Eyam villagers, siblings Grace and Marshall Howe and young lovers Emmett Sydall and Rowland Torres.

Alongside these two stories we invited people to share with us their own stories of love in a pandemic from the COVID lockdowns.

All these stories and experiences will be launched on the GeoStories App on March 23rd in Eyam at a public launch where we invite you to join us. We look forward to seeing you - all welcome!

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