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Spring Into Action – Get #ActiveApril at GeoStories

It’s good to see a glimmer of sunshine and blossom as we emerge towards Spring from a dark and damp winter and into our gardens and shared spaces once again.


In the UK it appears that spring is at last trying to appear. We have created the GeoStories experience for people to enjoy from wherever they are and have made them in great locations to travel to and around.  We have made GeoStories experiences whilst watching Whitby beach sunsets, finding York Minister secret back streets, and coming across adventurous ramblers seeking story and history in Eyam this #ActiveApril


We craft stories and link them to special places to visit, making sure that the experience of moving around the locations is safe and accessible.  The walks are not too strenuous and in the case of the story based in Whitby, Footsteps of Bram Stoker Part One and the 199 steps found in Whitby, you can enjoy the story from the bottom of the steps as well as finding an alternative route for wheelchair users to complete the story overlooking the magnificent view of Whitby harbour from the surrounding grounds of Whitby Abbey itself.


With our story adventures, you can listen to the epic journey of Freyda Skald of Jorvik and whilst listening to the stories see the Augmented Reality wolf  we imagined  Freyda had to face Through experiencing the story, you can reach a whole new realm and dimension from York itself! The immersive and magical experience of combined  Augmented Reality, images and audio is created for all to enjoy throughout the GeoStories App.


We tell a range of powerful stories, including what may have inspired Bram Stoker on a visit to Whitby to  write his famous gothic novel Frankenstein, we imagine local women in Bakewell being accused of witchcraft and the local Constable determined to see them on trial and most recently Lovers torn apart, having to face the consequences of the plague and hoping to be reunited if only for a brief moment in Eyam.


Thankfully, if it so happens that it’s raining, you can also experience all these stories and the magic of the Augmented Reality right from where you are, if you don’t quite fancy braving it just now!


For those of us ready to venture out into the great outdoors, we are reminded by a great campaign called Get Active April from the Charity Bowel Cancer UK and so we encourage everyone who can, to Get Active and to donate here on their website here;  https://fundraise.bowelcanceruk.org.uk/event/active-april/home


A simple task of doing something active every day in April is a great pledge towards our health in mind and body and something we encourage all to do here at GeoStories 


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