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Star Interns at Geostories this Spring!

GeoStories use GPS location technology to create a powerful experience, telling compelling stories through drama, enhanced by rich visual content and AR, all accessible to the user via an app.

Stories are based in a particular location, and draw on the history, heritage and legends of those places. They unfold through strong character-driven storylines, enhanced by AR, video clips, animations and graphics. To enrich the story experience, people can visit the location and hear it in the place where it is based, with chapters playing automatically, triggered by GPS points. Alternatively the stories can be experienced remotely.

At GeoStories we have had the pleasure of two great young people from University of York, Emily and Harrison, as interns for three months, funded by the Screen Industries Growth Network. This programme has a high calibre of individuals studying at the University and Emily and Harrison are no exception. They have recently graduated with degrees in Interactive Media from the Department of Theatre, Film, TV and Interactive Media. Now as well as working with us, they are both working hard to start their own games company, Kelp Interactive.

During their time with us Emily focussed on developing the UX for our new GeoStories app, which is a location triggered story-making app. Harrison focussed on producing AR assets for the AR elements of our digital authoring tool.

As part of our preparations to launch our new business, we worked with Emily and Harrison to develop our brand tone of voice. We were lucky enough to do this at Bedern Hall (many thanks Roger!) and Emily and Harrison led on this piece of work. We were really impressed with the level of care and thought that went into this important piece of work. Over the three hour session they managed to herd us through various exercises to help us find the clarity of messaging we needed.

Overall Emily and Harrison played an important part in shaping the development of a new story-making platform, a new brand and new design and we are hugely grateful for their hard work and creative input, and also thank SIGN for their generosity in funding these positions.

Our new platform will be launched in the summer.

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